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Disposal of electronic equipment and other gods such as older computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, furniture etc., is becoming a larger problem every day. But in rural areas of India some people are never saw the computer. It is 100% true.

We are mainly concentrating on women. If women are become earners all the family must be developed.

Now a days Computer skills are necessary for each and every job. Without computer skills people never get the good job. With that they do not fulfil livelihoods. Computer is the part of the life. In rural villages of India so many educated women have no sufficient computer knowledge to get the jobs. So the educate unemployed peoples number is increasing.

Now a days Computer skills are necessary for each and every job. Without computer skills people never get the good job. With that they do not fulfill their livelihoods. Computer is the part of the life. In rural villages of India so many educated women have no sufficient computer knowledge to get the jobs. So the educate unemployed peoples number is increasing. 

The ERM organization mission is to learn the computer skills to every one to develop their livelihoods. At present ERM organization started 2 free vocational computer training institutes at Nizampatnam of Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh State of India.. Approximately 120 unemployed educated women are trained in these institutes and get the jobs in private sector as well as government sector for the financial year 2010-11.

Now ERM organization unanimously resolved an agenda to start a computer training institute in every major village (Mandal Head Quarter) in the Guntur district. Approximately 56 centers are required. Already 2 centers are running successfully. We want to start remaining 54 centers as soon as possible.

So we request from donors please donate used Computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, furniture, etc. It is very useful to the so many womne who are below poverty line as well as educated unemployed youth.


The target groups belong to educated unemployed rural women who are socially marginalized and economically poor. The target group age between 16 to 40 years. They have no jobs in Government as well as private sectors. Because they has no particular skills. Some are +2 uncompleted, some are middle dropped women and some are degree completed . The main target group belongs to the Backward community, schedule casts and schedule tribes. At present their main occupation is labor works on the agricultural fields and articles vending on daily wages. The agricultural works are only seasonal for hardly two or three months in the year. The article vending is also seasonal. During the other days these rural poor women will be struggling at the worst to earn their daily bread. During the slack season the men migrate to the nearby towns in search of works in commercial sectors and some become cycle rickshaw drivers. The women work as maid servants in the houses of landlords and rich families for a very lesser wages. 


*       To improve the capacity Building of the Rural educated poor women

*      To provide proper training for the skill development of the target beneficiaries.

*      To raise the level of income for the women in the rural areas.

*      To enable them to earn for the family throughout the year.


The target Rural Educated Poor women will be provided with training in is very easy to learn and does not need any special skills or specialized education. The project will make the rural women, who are in a disadvantaged position to become self-sufficient and financially independent without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion. The training will be imparted to 30 members in each center in the first instance which will last for six months. Thus in a year about 2 batches X 30 women = 60 women will be trained in a center. We can learn MS-Office, DTP work and other languages like C, C++, Oracle, Java etc.

 There is always good placement like data entry operators and DTP work

 After the training is over, the trained People will be assisted to get the good jobs in the private sector as data entry operators and DTP workers. So they earn un-interrupted income through out the year.

 In short term, the rural poor educated women who are suffering without any wage earning works, to earn their livelihoods, will be provided with training during which period they will be paid stipend to cover their subsistence. Thus the existing labor potential will be fully utilized.

 In the long term, these women will start their own self DTP centers. In this process they have to train new comers for help in the process. Hence this will enable them to achieve sustainable development.


 People participation is a major event of this project. The training is intended to improve the skills of the Rural Poor educated Women for Income Generation Program on a long term basis. Further the follow-up activities of the programs will be integrated with the regular developmental activities of the society, as well as that of the target villages. Hence follow up action with measurable indications are always available. The society will assist the women who have completed their training, to get bank loans for starting their own Computer and DTP centers in the villages for sustainable development.

The indicators of monitoring will be as follows:-


              Training        1.Quality of training

              2.Number of women trained

                                       3.Number of trained women who  have secured gainful employment

                                       4.Number of trained women who have started their own Computer and DTP centers           

So we request you please donate used goods such as computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, furniture, etc.,You can also help for this project another ways also.

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