Greetings from Eliezer Relief Ministries.

Eliezer Relief Ministries (ERM) is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian ministerial organization established in the year 2005. The organization has been registered under the society registration Act 35 of 2001 at the Government of India, with its base center at Nizampatnam village of the Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh State, South India.

“Dear friend you have always been faithful in helping other followers of the Lord, even the once you didn’t know before” John 1:5

Eliezer Relief Ministries vision is “To relieve people from the bondage sins, sorrow, poverty, vain practices and religion”.

Eliezer Relief Ministries mission is to expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage people to stand for the Christ and by helping them both spiritual and physical needs.

Sponsoring Self-Sustainability in Women Empowerment:

Nizampatnam is located in the coastal area of the Bay of Bengal. Nearly all the people belong to the fishermen community. Men dangerously fish out on the sea with their lives at risk, which has caused so many men to have died at sea. Many of the local women then become widows, helpless with no work and no income. Education for their children becomes difficult, which can cause many of these children to become dacoits or act with anti-social tendencies because of their despairing condition.

ERM now created 24 self-help groups with these women and try to allot one business to each group. And also try to establish 2 training centers in the beginning. Remaining women are in training program. We are trying to give training in Tailoring and Embroidery for non educated women and Computer Training for educated women. In every 4 months one batch had been completed their training. After that we are try to distribute Sewing machines to the sewing trainees and give jobs in the Rural BPO to the computer trainees.  In every 4 months approximately 200 trained women are come out.  With that 200 families are benefited for every 4 months.

We will select 9 groups as sample to spread out the entrepreneurial spirit we intend to create. With this business concept, they will be able to stand on their own legs. Some example businesses include:

1. Computer Training Institute

2. Sewing Training Center

3.BindingWorks(Books Manufacturing)

4. Fish Sales

5. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickled food

6. Salt Packets Manufacturing & Making

7. Ice Block Selling

8. Flore Mill

9. Dry Fish sales

We maintain awareness such that women can and improve their business. We collect 10% of the total capital for every 3 months. With this 10%, we can arrange another business to another group. In this manner, we will continue until all women can stand on their own legs, firm with financial strength and confidence with independence. We will follow the businesses like a shadow until the women are selfless and recognize the important positive impact they have made on themselves and in their community. ERM’S involvement will continuously decrease their impact in their businesses until they maintain a state of sustainability. We want to ensure self-sufficiency, not reliance.

So many women are waiting for joining in the SHGs. Approximately700 women are waiting. But now our strength and status is not sufficient to create groups.

Your understanding and involvement with our programs is important! Please encourage our programs.

If you have any quarries and compliments feel free and write to us.

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